“Dear Sirs, Just a short note to comment on your service. Excellent in all respects”


“Dear Sirs, Just a short note to comment on your service. Excellent in all respects. However, if there wasn’t for the campaign carried out by The Marketing Heaven, I wouldn’t even be aware of your existence. The turn around time is great. The coupons save me (us) many dollars at the store, particularly on double and triple days. We appreciate this very much!”
R.E. Wion, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  1. Wow that is a very good testimonial, I think I would like to try the service. Is there anyway you could send me a promo-code so I can get a discount? Thank you for your time in advance.


    • Thank you for the comment. If you would like to try the program, please send me, Wally Anderson, a check for $499.95 and I will get you a Premium Membership mailed out asap! Sorry, no free stuff here.

      • Cool. What about becoming a salesman for Chamber of Commerce Benefits?

        • I will pay you $25 for every $499.95 you make me. That is an UNBELIEVABLY generous offer if I don’t say so myself!

          • Wow, that is the greatest offer I have ever heard of in my entire life! I will be a millionaire in no time!!!

            • Yes, I know it is. I am the most generous, unstinting person in the world! I have people trying to break down my door for a job. But… since I like you, I will still offer you the $25 on $500 deal. Other salesman only make $10 on $500 so you better not mess around. MAKE ME SOME MONEY!!!!!!!

  2. I too have saved lots of money over the years using the Chamber of Commerce Benefits savings program. In the 4 years that I have been a member, I have probably saved at least $5,000. If you use the program as it should be used, you can’t help but save money!

  3. Wow, interesting comments here!

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